She Has the Eye Spotlight: Asa of Asa on the Rise

    Hello beautiful people! Allow me to introduce to you a gorgeous blogger by the name of Asa.Asa is the writer and the life force behind lifestyle blog, Asa on the Rise. Serving real deal life in each post, her refreshing take on everything from book reviews to fierce makeup looks offers something new and necessary to the blog-o-sphere. Asa had this to say about her blog: "Asa on the Rise is a lifestyle blog that talks about everything from makeup to day-to-day life. I am an open book, questions welcomed. I want to be your best friend in your head and share all my tips and tricks for living, growing and always rising. More importantly, I want to take you with me. Let’s have fun, let’s do it up!" With that being said, I was more than happy to interview this bright and business minded content creator.

1. What's one thing about blogging that keeps you motivated to keep sharing?

One thing about blogging that keeps me motivated to keep sharing is the idea that I still watch and follow a bunch of people and most of them don’t look like me. I want to be the person people look to, who is not only talking about fashion and beauty but also life and everything that comes with it.What also keeps me going is that it helps me think through situations and share things, which I love doing. I figure there are people who want to know. I am motivated because I know someone needs it. 

2. If you could raid one blogger's(or vlogger's) makeup collection who would it be and why?

If I could raid one blogger/vloggers makeup collection it would be Patricia Bright of YouTube or Patrick Starrrr’s. They both do such clean and simple makeup,which I love, minimal with a pop of color here and there.

3.Imagine, you're given a 1 million dollar blogger budget what do you spend it on?

If I had a Million Dollar blogger's budget I would spend some of it on changing my theme, buying a great camera, working out logistics to ensure that I own everything, and putting myself on the proper platform to reach the blogging goals I have set. I then would create a similar package for another blogger on the up and up who might not have access to the money that would be needed. Moving pass that, I would spend it on more makeup and makeup organization, home decor and investing in my passion of becoming a doula and yoga instructor and of course blogging about the process. Besides that, I would probably save it. 

4.What would you tell a young WOC who wants to blog but feels intimidated by the lack of visible diversity in the blogger industry?

I would tell any young WOC who wants to blog but feels intimated, just start. I was extremely nervous, I was extremely worried.I didn't think people would notice me, I didn't think I was good enough. But I have realized that I wasted a lot of time thinking that way. I didn’t start until recently and that was because my partner literally pressed the publish button. I would tell young WOC to start, just start because I am listening and there is a whole world out there filled with people who might want to listen. I would tell them we know the reality and it's sad that we aren't getting the credit or the acknowledgement that we deserve. But it is things like this, the support and the community that make it ultimately worth it.  Don't let fear of acceptance or anything else you can think of stop you. Don’t let fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. It’ll be worth it in the end. Sometimes success isn't just in visibility but what it brings to you. Keep trying, keep writing and keep rising. 
   Thank you so much Asa for sharing your wisdom and beautiful makeup looks for us.To see more of Asa and to continue to watch her rise, check out her blog and networks below!

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Instagram: @asaontherise
Twitter: @NyasaHndrx