Structure Sightings:Cropped Sweater

I'm madly in love with cropped sweaters and knee high boots.There's something about this proportion play in a look that's been stealing my heart as of late.Short sweaters help to build a waist and knee high boots elongate the leg, so what happens if we put these two items together? We are building a silhouette, carving out a shape with our clothes!

  What I love about this combination besides laying the framework for the shape of your look is that it incorporates layering which is the key to success during the winter time.Fighting the wind's brisk claws means bringing out every weapon in your arsenal, make sure the cropped sweater is on deck.

crop 2

The cropped sweater is ideal when you're trying to build a wind breaking armor, because it adds onto warmth without overwhelming you with the bulkiness a stand alone sweater would offer. Considering the structure of your cropped sweater and the long line of your shirt underneath, adding jewelry like long pendants will elongate your upper frame, because the jewelry draws the eyes down.

cropped 3

  What's your favorite layering piece for the winter?You guys know I'm nosy and I want to know, let me know in the comment section!

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