All of my matte liquid lipsticks cost about 5 dollars and up.I always wondered why it seems that matte liquid lipsticks were more pricy than their matte lipstick counterpart, what about them being lipstick is supposed to make them inherently more expensive? Perhaps it's the transformative element in the formula, or it's a marketing trick, the fact remains that cheap liquid lippies aren't hard to come by...or so I thought. I recently tried out some matte liquid lipsticks that cost ONE DOLLAR. The lipsticks are by Santee a little known beauty supply regular kind of like Ruby Kisses but perhaps a bit cheaper and harder to find given the area.Now that I've unveiled these lipsticks, it's time to indulge in the details.

Packaging: The packaging is pretty simple, you can see the true color through the packaging, so what you see is what you get. The applicator is the standard doe foot, not to big, not to small. When applying I got a fair amount of product on the applicator. One big thing about the packaging that irks me is there is no name and no number for you to identify which lipstick is which! So if someone asks what lipstick I'm wearing, I can only say the brand and can't give you a specific name or ID, unfortunately.

Quantity: These lipsticks are skinny but about medium length.

Finish: These lipsticks definitely have a matte finish after a few seconds.You don't have to wait long for them to mattify and they are certainly, not coming off.The thing about the finish is that the lighter shades are definitely streaky, but the darker shades are perfect!The formula is light like the NYX matte liquid lipsticks,when it begins to  dry that's when  they get a little stiff as they mattify, as most matte liquid lipsticks do.

Pigmentation: The lipsticks are pigmented but streaky depending on the shade.The lighter the shade the more streak you get for some reason.The lighter color, streakiness equivalent reminds me a lot of the LA Girl Matte Pigment liquid lipsticks.The dark purple, slightly lighter purple and red shade went on my lips perfectly but the lighter coral, bubble gum, frosty nude and neon pink shades made me go to work. I will definitely be checking on YouTube to figure out how to make streaky lipsticks work in your favor, because I really do want to like these but right now only three out of the seven are really winning.

Smell: There's a slight sweet fragrance but it's nothing too noticeable nor does it linger after taking it off.

Is it Buildable?: With liquid matte lipsticks I like to see if they're buildable and how they handle being layered on.The darker lipsticks when layered just increased in their darkness, they didn't cake up as I applied more, versus the lighter shades which are already streaky, so as I applied more the second layer also continued to streak...

   Ultimately, the liquid lipsticks are the standard cheap matte liquid formula.The opaqueness of color is a gamble as you choose lighter to darker shades unfortunately but other than that these lipsticks did fairly well.The lipsticks aren't to drying, they aren't super tight on the lips when they mattify and you get a good amount of product in each bottle, although they could be better I think they've done well for a dollar lippie.In fact,these lipsticks almost remind me of the Wet n Wild matte liquid lipsticks which are typically 3 dollars and up the only difference is the Wet n Wild lipsticks are tacky on the lips until they mattify unlike the Santee which are sticky to me at all. I think this is a decent product considering the price, but I'd stray away from the lighter shades solely because streakiness is a massive NEGATIVE to me, but the dark purple is to die for.

   Okay, what do you guys think considering the pros and cons are these lippies worthy of your hard earned dollar?Leave a comment below if you're willing to experiment, by the way you can get these lipsticks at Shop Miss 


  1. I've never heard of this brand but you can never go wrong with a dollar lippie! I find that all of the lighter colors in any formula are always difficult to work with!


    1. I know right, I don't know why it's made that way. Perhaps there's something in the formula for lighter shades that prevents it from being opaque...hmm and thank you for commenting!


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