Some women have a hard time putting a red lippie down, I have a hard time walking away from purple shades. There's something royal, wild and fun about purple liquid lipsticks.The hug of the product, the bright opaqueness that makes a statement for me without having to say a word, purple lipsticks have become apart of my uniform without even trying.

Currently, my favorite purple lipstick formulas include:

What I really like about each of these liquid lipsticks are the pigmentation! There's plenty of color in each of these liquid lipsticks and it doesn't take much, one swipe and I'm good.In addition each of these colors have their own staying power. The Santee and LA Girl matte liquid lipsticks hold up the same,they're practically invincible.The only way this product is coming off is with a handy dandy makeup wipe or if you're eating oily food and even then it needs a little effort to get it off. Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Lacquer in Queen  has some staining power but it doesn't hold like the other two. The winning quality of the Ruby Kisses purple shade is that it's a lot more moisturizing and soft.
I don't know what it is about this lip color, it just makes me feel confident! What lip color mkes you feel bold and confident, leave a comment below.


  1. Those shades are gorgeous!!! Very pigmented! I haven't tried purple lippies but I do like that Ruby Kisses! Thanks for sharing!


    1. thank you and yea, I've been meaning to stock up on some Ruby Kisses products for sure!


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