Casual footwear doesn't have to boring to be considered casual.Branching out of your comfort zone from the standard all black sneaker can do wonders for your wardrobe. We've all been taught that the only time your shoes should stand out is if you're at a festive event but I for one like to add a little daily character to my outfit.Life is too short to get caught in a rut designed around someone else's opinon of fashion, which brings me to the package below.

                   I purchased a cute pair of shoes for about 25 dollars during the ASOS end of the year sale, and received a pair of functional,lace up,comfortable shoes.These shoes are legit, slip on and run to the store worthy but they look like I'm prepared to make a statement at the same time.

Print sneakers are so versatile but what I think makes a lot of people shy away is the fear that the boldness overwhelms a look.The only thing you should watch out for when picking out some statement sneakers is to make sure, your shoes don't conflict with the vibe of your outfit.Ultimately, you have to determine what message you want to send with your clothes, do your shoes follow that message?
Your shoes are made to primarily compelement your look regardless if it's super bold or not.Minimally designed shoes can throw off a look just as well as a pair of bold ones. With that in mind, if you're still hesitant to try more bold shoes, you can always get them in a neutral tone.You can still wear cheetah print sneakers, just make sure the color is something more subtle like black and grey or cream and gold, that way you get the boldness of print without the commitment of color.
What's your take on making the statement shoe a casual thing, is it too much?Let me know in the comment section below, by the way if you're thinking of purchasing a few pair of statement shoes for under 25 dollars feel free to check out the widget below.Be bold on a budget!

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