I know everyone's afraid of being an outfit repeater, but it's inevitable that you're going to wear something more than once, more than twice...hell you might wear it every other day.The bottomline is that how many times you wear an item of clothing is your business and your business only.Don't let anyone make you feel bad because you wore the same shirt twice in one week.You paid money for that shirt just because it touched your skin once, that doesn't mean it's tainted for all eternity, get your money's worth out of that shirt!
I have a few wardrobe repeats and accessories that are well loved and it hasn't harmed my personal style, such as the denim jacket above and the ankle boots.

My most loved bags have to be crossbody bags and a bold lip. I wore this little bad from Adorned by Chi quite a lot the second it came in the mail.The little bag was cute,quirky and functional why wouldn't I wear it more than once? Often people forget that the reason we buy clothes is for coverage and as a shield from the elements, not to impress someone else.
This whole "outfit repeating" stigma goes for makeup as well.Who cares if your makeup weapon of choice is a bold red lip?You better work that lippie!My favorite and currently most worn lippie is the NYX lipstick above called Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary is a nice bright red with a blue undertone.I love red lipsticks with blue undertones, it's almost cool toned something I live for during the winter.
Repeats of makeup, clothing and more are a normal part of the wardrobe building process.When I purchase things it's rarely out of impulse.I like to purchase things that I know are versatile so I can wear them multiple times...like my new shoes below:

These shoes are perfect transitional piece from Fall to Spring due to the perforation details in the shoes.The shoes are sturdy, in a neutral color and the style is a classic. These shoes are amde to be worn more than twice, and I will REPEATEDLY WEAR THEM AS MUCH AS I WANT, NO AMOUNT OF "WHAT ARE THOOOSE" JOKES ARE GOING TO STOP ME, and they shouldn't stop you either.
By no means am I encouraging you to fall into a style rut, but don't feel ashamed for wearing your favorite pieces.Be grateful you have things to wear regardless of how much it's worn, because ultimately your style belongs to you, no one else.Let me know in the comment section if you still feel funny about the term, "outfit repeater".


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