BH Cosmetics Wishlist!

I am currently on a makeup spending ban( which sucks because Valentine's day is typically treat yo self  and loved ones season for me). Since I refuse to give in to my haul yearning, I decided to share my top picks for the BH Cosmetics sale currently going on. BH Cosmetics has certain items with 70 percent off,here are my top picks out of the epic sale.

My makeup picks are based on a mix of my love for packaging, my addiction to a warm bright blush and the lip gloss addiction I'm anticipating this spring and summer...

I chose the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Lip Gloss Set specifically because of the brown and mauvey lip gloss shades that I think are going to be very versatile in my lipstick collection. In addition my interest in this set is specifically because of the Zombies aspect in the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, I like when my two favorite things can collab, lip gloss and horror movies!

The Glamourous Blush Set is gorgeous.There's a gorgeous coral shade in the corner of the blush palette, that is made of magic. Personally, I believe coral shades glow on dark skin, there's a luminosity, a healthiness, a sun kissed halo on the skin! Yea, my love for coral blush is very real.

The Wild Child and Wild at Heart eyeshadow palettes are packaging goals! I mean seriously the packaging looks so fun, they really put their foot in the packaging for these palettes. Besides the super cuteness of the design, I really like the colors in each palette. The Wild Child palette has some nice shimmery gold eyeshadows and can we talk about that purple! I want to do 80s rock eyeshadow looks with the Wild Child palette, it is now a goal. The Wild at Heart palette has one of the brightest pink shades, I think I've ever seen in an eyeshadow palette, which may very well double as a blush so you guys know I was sold.

The Color Lock Lipsticks by Missy Lynn look so rich and full of color! I'm madly in love with deep brown lipsticks which is what you'll see in a review I have coming up(the swatch is still on my bloody arm after several hours..and falling asleep, don't judge me). Also the Missy Lynn lipstick in L'Amour is a reddish brown shade, which I really want to start adding to my lipstick collection. I have a vision of wearing the L' Amour lipstick with a burgandy blush, a gold/shadowy eye look with hella gold glitter and a cat-eye sharp enough to kill.

Have you checked out the BH Cosmetics sale? What are you lusting for this month? By the way, this post was not sponsored, trust me I'm still broke lol. But, some of these links are affiliate links so if you click you might help alleviate some of my brokeness, but no pressure this ain't about the money honey :).