MAC decided to share a picture of Maryse Kye, a gorgeous model with full lips, on their Instagram. MAC shares behind the scenes pictures of models all the time, this isn't any new occurence. The only difference between this Instagram post and any other post on their page, is that it featured a pair of luscious lips...that happened to be on a dark skinned model. The post was immediately barraged by racist trolls commenting things like "n***** lips"and other disgusting comments. Of course there are some people who can appreciate the model's beauty, but the negative comments were simply astounding.
     We live in a time where people are doing "The Kylie Jenner Challenge" to plump their lips and plastic surgeries for bigger lips are as common as a trip to the grocery store. There are people who sell lip plumping devices to suction the fullness into their lips for prices of 50+ dollars, and yet someone comes on the scene with naturally full lips and it's ugly? I'll be honest, I'm not surprised.This has been a common trend in our society, where black beauty is only appreciated until it's placed on a non-black person. Our features have been dissected, degraded and then told we're not allowed to have ownership of them thus after.
      This has been a common trend in the media. There are multiple news outlets like Cosmopolitan's article on "hair tattoos" whereas in the African American community we call them undercuts and they have existed since the beginning of time, but when placed on another ethnicity they become NEW and TRENDY! I'm over it.
Maryse Kye on Mac's Instagram

    I've tried to ignore it, but being a black blogger who's obsessed with beauty and fashion, race is unavoidable. I can't just sit here and act like my features that were once ridiculed aren't being plucked and packaged for mass production under a new name. I can't sit here and act like I don't see all the hate aimed towards Queen Beyonce simply because she wants to celebrate the texture of her baby's hair and sing about the unity of her people.
      There are people who will hate our features, there are people who will hate our features but love them on another ethnicity, there are also people who will get mad when we celebrate the uniqueness of our features. I guess the only solution is to continue to give these people something to hate. I'm not here to convert racists, I'm not here to educate racists, I'm here to exist. I'm here to be happy, I'm here to be black and fabulous and if that makes you sick in the process, then I guess you better get comfortable with being uncomfortable because these lips, this skin, this hair texture, this culture isn't going any damn where!

 *any racist, hateful comments will be deleted upon arrival*

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