I've been so excited to review these lippies considering that my last inexpensive matte liquid lipstick review was considerably successful. Klean Color is a brand I'm fairly familiar with. I've been a fan of their matte lipsticks which are only a dollar on Shop Miss A, so I decided to give their matte liquid lipsticks a try. Like the Madly Matte Lipsticks, the liquid lipsticks come in a wide range of colors from pinks, reds and purples. I hope they release a dark liquid lipstick range, like the one they have in their matte lipsticks but I'm getting too far ahead of myself, lets get into this review.

Packaging: I actually really like the packaging on this liquid lipstick. I like the font used, I like the doe foot applicator, and the casing itself feels sturdy.The color of the tube is true to the color on the inside as well.

Quantity: You get plenty of product with these liquid lipsticks. The tube is fairly big, definitely bigger than the NYX Soft Matte Liquid Lipsticks for sure.

Pigmentation : These liquid lipsticks are very pigmented once dry but aren't the most opaque when first applied.When I first applied one of these I was a little worried because I noticed some tiny streakiness on my top lip but the second it dried, I had a lip full of color and no streaks in sight..until I applied the bubble gum pink shade. It's always the lighter shades that have a problem with being opaque, fortunately any streaks I've encountered have been very small and easily fixed.

Smell: There is a sweet, makeup-ish smell but it's very light and  hardly noticeable.

Is It Buildable? Techinically yes, but I wouldn't recommend packing this liquid lippie on. The formula  gets seemingly thicker as it dries. The consistency goes on liquid but as it dries it gets thicker and develops a little stickiness that gets worse as you apply more.

The Finish : These liquid lipsticks have a definite matte finish, but they don't dry hard. Some liquid lipsticks dry and make the lips feel stiff, but thankfully I could still move my lips without the fear of something cracking. The matte finish is flexible but has some slight stickiness but doesn't smudge onto anything, just don't rub your lips together, FOR PETE'S SAKE JUST DON'T.If you rub your lips together you run the risk of ruining the the finish.If you want to rub your lips together apply a lip balm, this might take away some of the matte finish but it will help you blend your liquid lipstick into your lips.

    Ultimately, I really like these liquid lipsticks. You get a lot of product, pigmentation and it definitely has staying the power, the only con is the tackiness and ome slight streakiness, other than that it's awesome, ESPECIALLY FOR A DOLLAR! Yep, I received each of these liquid lipsticks for a dollar each, you guys know we love beauty on a budget.

  You can purchase these at Shop Miss A or at some of the eBay sellers with free to extremely low shipping prices below:

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