Makeup Changes with Forever21

Forever21 is obviously known for it's clothing selection, but it recently branched out into makeup. I haven't seen many reviews on Forever21's makeup and I've been dying to give it a try. I have a concealer palette from Forever21 which is pretty good, but you guys know I have an affinity for lipstick and blushes, they're certainly my weakness. Their makeup brand isn't the most diverse in color range(I love a hella bright lippie) these are more traditional to the nude and berry families.

I'd love to work on my spring and summer makeup collection using the Forever21 range. I chose a few bright blushes, some berry and red shades as far as lipstick and lip gloss...but honey let's get into that illuminator powder! I have my fair share of highlighters some were created as highlighters, some were created as eyeshadows but I decided to use them as highlighters.I don't own any illuminator powders and I want to know if there's much of a difference as far as pigmentation and texture.
Hmm, this could be an interesting highlight, maybe a sweet look with a nude lip and a semi-frosty eye look... Pink highlights have always been a mystery too me, because it's kind of a highlight, sort of a blush. Besides that, light pink shades on my deep dark skin tone can be a little puzzling, but you guys know I like to research before I make a purchase so I looked up how to make pink highlights work on dark skin and found this.
Jackie Aina shares with us her ColourPop highlight swatches that has it's own pink shimmery shade that I think might be similar to the one above

I'm exceptionally excited to make these additions to my collection, so I can try some new products and new looks. I've currently been captured in the brown lippie trend, but come the spring and summer, bright, bubbly and uber feminine looks may very well be the goal...even though you guys know vampire-inspired looks tend to be my go-to, as you can probably see from all those dark lippies in the widget to the right on the screen. What makeup changes will be making with the season change or are there any products you want to try? You guys know I'm nosey, so let me know in the comment section below.

Feel free to check out the details of these products at the links below.