Makeup can sometimes range from tropical green and blue eyeshadows that appear to be emerged from the image of island goddesses.Then there are dark and vampy lipsticks that scream grunge greatness, were born from midnight madness and beautiful beasts that make the darkest of nights there stage. Then there's marshmellow, pastel, 80s inspired frosty pink makeup looks that bitter sweet right down to their bubble gum perfume. In this large range of makeup looks, there is much to be created many looks that fall in between and create their own genres in their own right.
    The spectrum of makeup is MASSIVE, it has its own world, own politics,and own freedoms.Makeup is an artistry and a trade, it's a skill and a form of expression. Now in this world of makeup I was a newbie (and still kind of am).I'm new, uneducated, wide eyed and willing but I wasn't always this way. Once upon a time, I was scared and held down by my own ugly preconceived notions of what a makeup do and don't is. Such as:

  1. We (dark skin girls) should only wear dark lipsticks, anything in the pink range is a no no.
  2. Stick to only neutral eyeshadows, bright eyeshadow looks should only be done by professionals.
  3. Makeup is seasonal, don't get caught wearing a summer bronzey look during the winter.
  4. If you wear foundation too often, you'll look old when you take it off. 
   All of these things are LIES. Big nasty lies I told myself in an attempt to excuse my fear of things I didn't understand! 

1. Dark skin girls can wear any shade of lipstick their heart pleases, whether it's bubble gum pink, sky blue or plaid and we can still SLAY.There is no lipstick a lipliner cannot conquer!

    Me Debunking My Own Makeup Myth After Letting it Go

2. Neutral eyeshadows are nice but...those bright eyeshadow looks save lives! I love a bright, blended eyeshadow look and you don't have to be a professional to wear it, you just have to be willing to listen, learn and practice.

3. Makeup can be seasonal...but it's also flexible. A great makeup look is going to be great regardless if it was created for fall, summer, spring or winter. The weather doesn't take away from your fierceness.

4. Wearing foundation often won't make you look old. Taking care of your skin underneath the makeup is very important. You skin is your foundation for the foundation, it will cover up any issues going on but ultimately those issues will resurface when you wipe the foundation off.It doesn't hurt to care for your skin in the same way you're willing to adorn it, make sure the effort goes both ways.

  What makeup lies did you grow up believing in, let me know in the comment section below! 

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