Nicka K New York Vivid Matte Lipsticks

   Nicka K lipsticks are a well known beauty supply store brand. The brand is notorious for their wide range of colors, cheap price and moisturizing properties. Nicka K was one of the first lipsticks I've ever purchased, it was a dollar and it was a deep brown color called Sable. I wore Sable frequently and the dark brown shade is what really put me on to darker lipstick shades, hence my obsession. Now given that Nicka K and I have such close relationship, it almost pains my heart to find they've been holding out on me.
  Nicka K New Yor Vivid Matte Lipsticks recently popped up on my radar after I was compiling my lipstick lust list for this month( which you can check out in the widget to the right or if you're on mobile you can find it by scolling down).

    I don't know if it's because of the brand's reputation, the price(the moisturizing lipsticks are a dollar the vivid mattes are 5.50), or the packaging but I really want to try these lipsticks out. Considering the Nicka K lipsticks I've purchased beforehand I think a matte formula might pan out nice. Here's my experience with Nicka K lipsticks below :

     Each of these lipsticks have an inherent sheen to them so if you're looking for something matte, these certainly aren't for you. Also, these lipsticks don't have the strongest hold but they don't slip and slide either, my lips still feel rather soft after using them probably because they have Vitamin E in them. I will say that each of these lipsticks are INCREDIBLY comfortable, creamy and full of color. Considering the price, I think the formula is pretty epic. If Nicka K's original formula is anything like the New York Vivid Matte formula, I might be doing a haul soon *fingers crossed*. Let me know in the comment section if you've ever worn Nicka K lipsticks. By the way guys, feel free to take advantage of my lipstick lust list widget just added to the blog, all of the lippies are 6 dollars and under.