Fur has been associated with rich luxury since the beginning of time. While we’re not supporters of wearing real fur we can’t help but be slightly interested in a few faux fur creations. Faux fur can add many different kinds of elements to an outfit it just depends on the context to which it is being added.

For example, I’m a 90s baby and some of my first faux fur sightings were in the form of Cher Horowitz clad in a fuzzy white crop top and A-line skirt. Her interpretation of faux fur came in variations of pastel shades and paired with bright colors. Cher wore her faux fur in different colors and shapes making it fun, youthful and feminine.

Faux fur also made its way onto the main stage. You could catch rock legends running around in leather pants, chunky boots and some kind of fur draped around their necks or clinging to their backs. Rock stars wore fur with rebellion, associating it with its animalistic origin.

Currently, we’re obsessed with fur collars and pastel fuzzy realness. Fur collars are so sophisticated and look amazing with stone embedded details and jewelry. Besides the luxury associated with the fur color, we can’t deny for something fun! We love how cutesy and fun this pastel fur is and we’re definitely in need of a pastel pink fuzzy coat to relive our love of Clueless. Playing with texture is one of my favorite parts of styling, so experimenting with different kinds of faux fur is a lot of fun for me.

       One person in particular who knows her way around faux fur is none other than Rihanna. Rihanna has been seen wearing multiple variations of faux fur and always finds a way to dominate it instead of dominating her. Check out below our favorite looks of Rihanna donning some fabulous faux fur.

Let us know in the comment section if you’re a faux fur fan.

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