Hello beautiful people we're back with part 2 of our #ReasonsWeNeedSpring series and we're counting down our top 10 ideal spring dresses. I like to think we'll have a healthy assortment, but I won't deny we have our favorites *coughs, the layered crop top look*. I want to let you guys know all the dresses are linked below if you want to get a head start on building your spring wardrobe.You guys know I use affiliate links to help fund the growth of this blog(students have to have a side hustle), but this post isn't sponsored or anything, even if it was I would never lie about my opinions and compromise my integrity.

 Embellished Crop Top Skater Dress from ASOS $24

Here are our top 10 spring dress choices for 2016...so far. We're all about paisley prints, loose fits and this layered cropped top situation, we're seeing a lot of. I love the idea of having a few minimalist fits but then some really wild 70s inspired looks in their too for the spring, switching it up never hurts right(just maybe your pockets, but these dresses are all under 50 dollars so we should be good, right?). Our #ReasonsWeNeedSpringSeries will be rounded out with part 3 featuring our favorite jewelry and accessory pieces for 2016.

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