Style Tips: Damaged Denim

Damage Your Denim to Freshen Your Look (3 Ways)

Faded and fitted denim is in constant use for most of our wardrobes. You take out your skinny jeans, maybe your favorite sneakers, a tee and you’re ready to take on the world. The jeans and tee uniform is a beloved classic for many of us. I decided for the year of 2016 we kick it up a notch! We’re going to create something new, through a little destruction.

1. Pick out those faded jeans, some jeans, scissors and tweezers. After making two cuts, use the tweezers to pull each denim strand free, for a frayed look. We found the perfect tutorial on our holy grail of DIYs, Pinterest!

2. I wanted to share this favorite video of mine from YouTuber, Tasha of the channel Tasha Lala instructs us how to bleach our denim into perfection. Check out her video below:

    1. Our last but certainly not least way of adding that extra oomph to your ensembles includes a video below featuring Little Girl Big World. Little Girl Big World shows us how adds lace patch details to out jeans, for a feminine touch.

If you're a little intimidated by our DIY tutorials ( we've all been there before), we suggest checking out some of these bold denim pieces for 50 dollars and below,we know you like to ball on a budget!

                                                               6. Runway Model Patched Black Skinny Jeans

By the way, I want to make sure you guys get the most out of this damaged denim guide so I wanted to share three ideal damaged denim looks for the spring,fall and winter!