Oversized, packed with color and bold are three ways I'd describe an 80s clutch bag. For a generation that was still struggling with large clunky computers and phones the size of a loaf of bread, a lot of 80s clutch bags looked like they were designed for tablets(which works out perfectly for me because I'm practically glued to my tablet).

  These bold clutches are the building blocks for creating a message using your accessories. The bold clutch can either compliment your look or be the thing that carries the look altogether.

Clutch bags aren't just a simple little wallet, they're an opportunity to make even the smallest detail speak to you and speak for your look! Don't overlook the little things in your wardrobe, every detail is a chance to personalize your style! I've been thinking about the little details a lot in my looks and decided to present a series called She Has the Eye for Detail! I hope you guys like this new series it'll premiere tomorrow!

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