Simple, sleek and typically silver the minimalist choker has been giving me life continuously for quite some time. I admit I wasn’t too fond of the 90s choker resurrection you know the ones, the black stretchy tattoo choker that could be seen on many from your Boy Meets World high school extras to style chameleon celebrities like Drew Barrymore. I was quietly hoping that if the black tattoo choker can be resurrected perhaps their metallic counterparts could be granted the kiss of life too. Thankfully, my minimalist choker love has been granted the right to walk among the trendy this summer and I stocked up on them.

I can't be the only one who likes to practice styling their new pieces, so before my purchases arrived in the mail I went to Polyvore and made a bunch of choker oriented sets.

Each of these looks are all built for a summer but have pretty different aesthetics.

The first look is mostly about being ecentric and feminine with the old school swing dress silhouette. The print is pretty bold and bohemian, I can see a look like this being worn to a music festival, something like Coachella.

The second look is a lot more fun and built for action. This look is built to go shopping in paired with cool comfortable shoes and a light and airy shirt.

The last look is more evening oriented and it has softer colors and textures.

I know jewelry pieces like chokers are really trendy right now, but I can see myself having an affection for silver chokers for a long time to come. Let me know in the comment section below if there's a trend you can see yourself wearing even after its not popular anymore


  1. I'm so glad chokers have made a comeback! (yes, on my part, even the tattoo chokers haha) Love the post, and you just have a wonderful blog, too :) nice to see such a regular post-er x


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