Once upon a time a young girl bought her first highlighter. This young girl wore the highlighter atop her cheekbones and allowed the shimmering, affordable gold makeup to adorn her collarbones.This highlighter was just within the young girl's budget and for that it was loved even more. Highly pigmented, easily blendable and appropriate for her skin tone, the highlighter graced her skin like magic.One day they girl woke up to find her highlighter missing.
    Searching madly throughout her room she found her beloved highlighter harmed, broken and smashed for reasons still unbeknown to her.  Heartbroken the girl couldn't bring herself to find another highlighter like the original. She roamed the Earth without her warm,glowing magic. Many highlighters have come into her life with the intention of capturing her heart, but she was sure the Mega Glo Highlighter would always have her heart, until now.
  The Wet n Wild Illuminating Palette in Catwalk Pink was about 4.50 from my local CVS. What drew me to this particular highlighter was both price and I don't own highlighters quite like it. I've always been drawn to more warm, golden bronze highlighters but this palette had lighter, icier shades, besides I had fallen in love with the last palette I bought from Wet n Wild, perhaps I've struck gold twice.

  • Quantity of Product: This palette is pretty big but it's thin.
  • Packaging: The packaging is simple, large and almost the size of my hand.
  • Pigmentation: The pigmentation is decent, buildable and very easy to blend. The pigmentation isn't as strong as my old Mega Glo classic but it's pretty good regardless.I feel like this palette will have a lot more color pay-off on a lighter skinned individual but this is nice.

  • Finish: The finish is light, shimmery but not glittery. Some highlighters have large glitter flecks, this has very small shimmer, I can imagine this being great for a matte look.
  • Texture: This palette is made of a light powder.The powder is very comfortable and smooth.
  • Smell: The palette has a light makeup smell almost like color dye, but it's hardly noticeable.

  This highlight is great for the girl who wants a subtle glow without having to worry about application. I love how blendable it is as well, I give it an A.

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