*Does the Friday makeup review dance* Hello gorgeous people! Welcome to a new makeup from your's truly today I'm bringing you an eyeshadow single that lives a double life as a highlighter. 

    Wet n Wild is so incredibly affordable I had no choice but to try at least one of their 1 dollar eyeshadow singles! I bought the white eyeshadow single because I thought it would be a really good base for when I want a bright eyeshadow look. When I tried out this eyeshadow and started using it, I realized this shadow was a bit more of a highlighter when blended in.

    This shadow has an iridescence to it, versus being a matte white shadow. If I were to blend it in, instead of pat it in, the shadow leaves behind a glow that's actually really similar to theWet n Wild Illuminating Palette I reviewed. The formula of the illuminating palette and this shadow are really close in texture as well. What do you guys think of the Wet n Wild eyeshadow singles, by the way leave a comment below if you want to see me try and use this as a highlighter.

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