Hello gorgeous! I know what you're thinking "More liquid lipsticks? Girl you might have a problem..." hear me out. I purchased these liquid lipsticks alongside my previous iKate House haul and I've been planning an affordable lipstick swatch ebook! So if I'm going to bring you the swatches and the deals, then I have to have something to work with right?  I purchased each of these liquid lippies for 3.99 a piece and made a startling discovery.

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From Left to Right
Maneater Rebellious Fatale

Guys, I have found the twin sister to NYX's soft matte liquid lipsticks. When I bought these on iKate House I had no idea the formula was going to be exactly like NYX's soft matte liquid lipsticks but behold Absolute's Velvet Lippies formula. You know how NYX's soft matte liquid lipsticks have a thickness to their formula and that smell that's kind of sweet, kind of inky, laced in sour cherry candy and something else I can't quite describe effectively.

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The formula on these liquid lipsticks has to be made in the same factory as the NYX cosmetics soft matte formula, because the similarities are outrageous. The only difference between the two products is the price, Absolute's Velvet Liquid Lipsticks are 2 dollars cheaper and the tube is larger.

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The liquid lipsticks are highly pigmented, light and airy on the lips.Although they are not long lasting they do stain the lips and come in a nice color range.These liquid lipsticks aren't the most moisturizing but they are certainly more moisturizing than most. I would recommend these liquid lipsticks if you're looking for a comfortable liquid lipstick instead of a 24 hour strong hold one.
Have you made any recent product discoveries or found any makeup twins, cousins or aunts? You know I'm nosey let me know in the comment section below!

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