The Most Affordable Hot Pink Lipstick

NYX Lipstick Dupes

Hello gorgeous people! Hot pink lipstick are spring approved and essentially become the queen bees around this time of the year. Why not go into the new season with a massive punch with these intense pink shades? 
Hot Pink Lipstick on WOC Celebrities

Just in case you're not completely sold on this hot pink lipstick trend, we have some affordable lipsticks you can experiment with so you don't have to dig deep in your pockets for a lipstick you're simply curious about. The lipsticks we're reviewing today are Ruby Kisses Fierce Fuschia and NYX Sweet Pink.

NYX Cosmetics and Ruby Kisses Lipstick

It's safe to say NYX gets a lot of play on the blog.  We really enjoy the reasonable prices and wide color range but that doesn't mean they don't have competitors. Before we introduce NYX's competitor lets discuss, the pros and cons. 

NYX Sweet Pink Pros:

Comfortable formula on the lips
Applies with opaque finish
Highly pigmented

NYX Sweet Pink Cons:

The tube could be a bit bigger( yes this con is petty lol)

This lipstick is pretty awesome to be perfectly honest.I love using this shade to do a purple and pink ombre lip with Maybelline's Purple Color Elixir on top to make it really POP. Considering we already have so much love for NYX, why even share the Ruby Kisses dupe? 

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 I believe that if I can find a cheaper dupe of any brand that's of decent quality, I feel it's my duty to share. Once upon a time, drugstore brands were too costly for me, yes DRUGSTORE BRANDS. I review affordable makeup for the beauty lover on a strict budget because regardless of what you make, everybody deserves the right to express themselves. Your wage shouldn't determine how much you slay.

 So believe it or not, for some people 6 dollars is a lot for a tube of lipstick. If I come upon a dupe that's half the price, such as the Ruby Kisses lipstick which is about 2-3 dollars depending on the retailer, then it needs to be shared. 

Hot Pink Lipsticks, Spring Makeup

Ruby Kisses Fierce Fuschia Pros:

Applies opaque
Comfortable on the lips
Highly pigmented
Applies smoothly
Costs 2-3 dollars

Ruby Kisses Fierce Fuschia Cons:

None that I can think of.

Hot Pink Lipstick Swatches on Dark Skin

As you can see Fierce Fushcia is a bit darker  than NYX Sweet Pink but they both have similar undertones and are in the same color family.  I really love both of these purple to blue toned hot pink shades, especially for the spring. I plan on experimenting with ALL KINDS of ombre looks this season using these shades, what are your makeup look plans? Let me know in the comment section below!