Rimmel and NYX are both favorable drugstore brands that frankly I have a lot of love for, Rimmel's lipsticks have always been kind to me, my wallet and makeup look. NYX is also an old reliable brand that has been kind on my pockets and has been of pretty high quality. I should of known sooner or later these brands were going to bump heads. 
I bought the Rimmel lipstick a while ago but this soft matte liquid lipstick from NYX is a more recent purchase( not recent as in last week of course because I'm still on a dreaded makeup spending ban). Lets hop into this battle of the brands!

  1. Comfortable on the lips and goes on smoothly.
  2. The lipstick is highly pigmented and moisturizing.
  3. The lipstick has a little more sheen than your everyday matte, so I'd say it was semi-matte.
  4. The packaging is sleek, minimalist and cute in design.
  5. The lipstick is about the average size for a tube with a fair amount of product.
  6. The lipstick doesn't have a strong hold so it will smudge and leave marks on your cups, your food and significant other or others.
  7. There is a sweet smell, but as long it doesn't stink lipsticks with fragrances never bother me.
The only con to this lipstick is that it's not as cheap as it's competitor, NYX's soft matte lip cream Monte Carlo

  1. NYX's soft matte lip cream goes on smooth but thicker than it's lipstick counterpart.
  2. The liquid lipstick does find it's way into the creases of my lips but it's a liquid so that's bound to happen.It's not a drying liquid lipstick but it's definitely not moisturizing.
  3. This liquid lipstick is completely matte. 
  4. The packaging is standard for NYX nothing fancy, but not cheap either.
  5. The tube is pretty small but it's a decent amount of product considering the pigmentation, I just expected a bit more. 
  6. There's a slight smell to the product a lot less than what's found in the Rimmel lipstick for sure.
  7. The pigmentation on this liquid lipstick is okay, but I have to apply it a few times because it has a tendency to move on the lips.

Ultimately, I can see myself purchasing this Rimmel lipstick again before I purchase the NYX Monte Carlo lippie, not because it's bad just because it's not my fave. Have you tried from either of these brands, which is your favorite or better yet which do you think is more spring and summer appropriate? You guys know we're nosy, let us know in the comment section below!

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