I think it's pretty safe to say lip gloss will be apart of the everyday makeup routine when the spring and summer rolls around. Everyone has had their fill for matte liquid lipsticks and anything other than a slip resistant lippie actually sounds refreshing. Think back, when was the last time your favorite youtuber wasn't doing a review of a matte liquid lipstick, I'll wait...and no those false matte liquid lipsticks from Maybelline don't count lol.

I want to introduce to you some makeup trend game changers. I bought two simple lip glosses from ELF some time back and they have proven to be awesome purchases. I've been using the orange/ peach shade over all of my nude lipstick combos and I'm in love. The red shade goes my purple lipsticks perfectly, giving all of them a red undertone and glow.

The Review Details:

These lip glosses are comfortable on the lips. 
They have a little tackiness but their lip glosses so what do you expect, I'm just grateful their not hella sticky. 
There's barely any fragrance in these lip glosses and their actually pretty moisturizing.
The pigmentation is just enough of a tinted color to your lipstick or lip liner an illusion of an undertone, which I really like.
If you like mixing different lip combos I'd definitely recommend these because they blend so well.
So do you have a lip gloss fave, let me know in the comment section below, or better yet do you think this is the end of the matte liquid lipstick reign? You guys know I'm nosy, so let me know in the comment section below.

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