Taylor Freeman is a personal style blogger of The Skinny Fashionista from North Carolina and knows all about living, knowing and believing in your craft. Starting with an interest in fashion at age 13, that interest has blossomed into a full blown passion. I am amazed at Taylor’s wise words and all the information she’s gathered at the age of 19. Welcome Taylor Freeman to The Eye!


The Eye: What are tips you’d give someone who’s interested in blogging professionally?

Taylor: Personally, I would tell them to be dedicated and to have patience. Sometimes blogging can be really stressful and time consuming, especially when it comes to advertising it and driving traffic to your blog. Before you start blogging professionally, you should have a plan so you can be sure of what direction you want your blog to go in and if blogging is really what you want to do. You should also know that you won’t be popular right off the bat, but if you’re solely just blogging for popularity, maybe you’re not doing it for the right reasons. You should blog because you have a passion for it.

*The Eye side note this is excellent advice I wish someone told my 14 year old self, when I began blogging.*


The Eye: If given the chance would you make a career out of your blog?

Taylor: I definitely would and I’m taking steps towards doing that right now. Being able to work in something I already like to do is a definite advantage.


The Eye: What effect has blogging had on you as far networking?

Taylor: As far as networking, I’ve met people all over because of blogging. I’ve made partnerships with people both in the United States and out of the United States. It’s still a shock to me this day that I have people checking out my blog as far as China and Russia. Networking is definitely key when it comes to blogging.


The Eye: Would you say blogging has any effect on your confidence?

Taylor: I don’t think it really has an effect on my confidence because social media does not define my perception of myself. Receiving positive feedback is always great, though, and I really appreciate the people who compliment me on my style and what I’m doing. I inspire a lot of people and that alone is an incredible feeling to have.


The Eye: What would you tell a blogger who’s beginning to feel insecure about her pictures?

 Taylor: I would tell her to step back and evaluate herself. We all have our flaws and of course we’re going to have moments where we’re insecure about them, but we also have to grow to accept them. There’s no reason why you should be insecure of your photos — you should own each and every one of them. You could even do things to adjust to photos, to make them more comfortable for you.


The Eye: Can you explain a time you ever faced body image issues and how do you handle them?

Taylor: I used to hate how skinny I was because I was often picked on in middle school and high school for being skinny. I always had people saying “You need to eat more” or “You look like a stick” and those things really got to me as a young teenage girl. I’d say it wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I became comfortable with my weight. My first year of college, I did manage to gain the freshman fifteen and still keep my small frame, so i fully began to accept my size. It’s all about accepting who you are, whether things change or not, and realizing that you were made different for a reason.

    Thank you so much Taylor for your words of wisdom,. You can check out Taylor at her blog The Skinny Fashionista, Lookbook , Tumblr and her Instagram!

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