If you're a makeup beginner you will have many questions to ask in your pursuit of building your collection and own regimen such as, "which comes first the highlighter or blush?", "should I be wearing highlighter and blush at the same time or is it too much", "what's considered to bold for a day look?", "can I use this lipliner as the lipstick or will it stain my lips?". These are simple questions you can easily google or hit up your fave on YouTube to answer, or perhaps come by your favorite fashion and beauty blog *coughs, http://shehastheeye.com*.
     I created this post with the beginning beauty lover in mind and decided to dissect the differences between a lip lacquer and a lip gloss as both will be popular this coming spring and summer.

Lip gloss as we all know is shiny, typically moisturizing, a great top coat to a lipstick and can range from slick to sticky textures. Lip lacquers are liquid lipsticks that typically move around on the lips depending on the formula, they have a shine or sheen and can be moisturizing.Both of these products can be considered a top coat to a matte or semi-matte lipstick, so what's the difference?

The difference between the  products lies in pigmentation, Lip laquers are typically highly pigmented because you can wear a lip laquer alone and get the benefits of both the color pay-off of lipstick and the sheen of lipgloss on it's own. Lip gloss can come tinted like the ELF Glossy Gloss above but it will never be any brighter or have a stronger amount of coverage like a lacquer. 
A lacquer can be worn on it's own and make a big statement such as the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer above. Although a lip gloss can be worn on it's own, it you're looking for color intensity, you won't find it in a gloss alone. 
So what do you guys think, are glosses superior to lacquers or vice versa? Who do you think will be the lip product champion of spring and summer, leave a comment below! 

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