NYX Lingerie Review

Everybody and their mama has something to say about these NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks and I'm not above the hype(at least when it's as cheap as 7 dollars). I was walking Ulta(once again this is before my damned makeup spending ban) and saw these liquid lipsticks and felt I had no choice but to try them. I saw so many different kinds of nudes for different shades what better way to show my support than by making a purchase.

I bought Teddy Bear and put it on the second I got out of the store and have to say I was impressed.

  • These liquid lipsticks are very pigmented, all it took was one swipe and I had opaque coverage.
  • The formula on these are airy and a bit mousse like.
  • The formula is comfortable on the lips, it's not tight or super drying like other matte liquid lipsticks.
  • There's no scent from what I can tell from this product.
  • I like the packaging it has a cute font and the color on the outside of the tube is exactly like what's on the inside.
  • I like how big the applicator is but it might be a bit troublesome for somebone with smaller lips so be careful, because this applicator is large.
  • This lip product does have a little tackiness, but nothing that's too noticeable. This lip product does come off a little, like if you're eating something oily but it doesn't come off too much.

For 7 dollars I consider this quality superb! I'm in love with the light airiness of the formula and the color range has me ready to purchase many more as soon as this ban is lifted!


  1. I want to try this! I don't wear nude lips or even gloss like at all but this year I'd love to try this <3


    1. it's definitely worth the try, I love using a little dark lip liner with mine


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