The Blush Buying Guide for Spring

Now this isn't the first time we've visited this blush quad. I did a review of this blush quad and another both from City Color a while back you can read here. I decided to take a look at this blush again because during the fall and winter frankly, the only blush I wore routinely was by Black Radiance. The shade Toasted Almond was apart of my arsenal and started my burning interest in Black Radiance as a brand, you can see that review here.

Looking back at this blush I decided to share with you all a few reasons why this blush quad is ideal for the spring and summer and things to look out for when purchasing a blush.

  1. Reason number one is that they apply like a powder but blend in like a cream for a soft velvety finish.
  2. The blushes are HIGHLY pigmented and speak to your bold side with the bright pink shade and also your more subdued side with the mauve number below. I've been having visions with that muavce shade of wearing a glossy nude/ brown lip shade, the mauve blush and a shimmery brown eyeshadow look that appeals to a more natural look while still balancing out a little glam. It's a look that's still simply in my head but after I practice the look's execution I will definitely be sharing.
  3. These lipsticks are so soft and light so if you start sweating you don't have to worry about them running, smearing or any of that foolishness.
  4. Did I mention the color range? I mean spring has this tendency to scream feminity and softness, what better way to do that than with this soft pink blush range? I love using spring to experiment with the definitions of feminity by applying some classical elements which are in this palette and mixing them with not so classical elements like edgy, dark eyeshadow looks and punk inspired clothing.
  5. The fact that this palette is a quad gives you room to experiment with what color ranges you're comfortable with and aren't comfortable with. You might have always wanted to try a frosty pink blush as a higlighter but never wanted to risk the cash, now you can do that for cheap ($4.00 yall) while also having some well known brown and dark brown girl friendly shades such as that dark pink color below.

As I look at my makeup collection this palette is ideal for the spring looks I want to achieve(now summer is another post). Share with me below what kind of look you plan on doing for the spring? You guys know I'm nosy, let me know in the comment section below.