I admit growing up there were certain fashion items I was intimidated by.”I can’t pull that off” because a very familiar phrase for me.Lets take a moment and look at what “pull it off” means in a style and fashion context.

  To “pull off’ according to Urban Dictionary means, “to get away with something” for example “only he could pull off wearing that shirt to school”.To be able to “pull something off”, implies the person in question holds a quality or spark that propels to be to wear things others seemingly can’t.I think it’s safe to assume that the individuals who can “pull it off” are people who have molded a particular item or style to suit their liking and wear their confidence like a second skin.So what exactly is keeping you from participating in such qualities and allowing it to project its way in your image?

  The real question isn’t “how other people pull it off”, the real question is what makes you think you can’t.A few tips to get over that mental “can’t pull it off” block is

  1.  Acknowledge you’re an individual with you own unique taste, appearance and perspective that you should value.

  2. Don’t compare yourself to someone else.You are not them and never will be and that’s okay.

  3. Life is too short not to take risks.

  4. Fake the confidence until it becomes a reality.

  5. Realize that the people who have this magical “pull it off” power are human just like you.
   Ultimately you can’t allow clothing to intimidate you nor can you allow someone else’s appearance to make you question your own.You have every right to make the fashion choices you want and are more than worthy of the freedom.Take control, change your mindset and acknowledge how amazing you and start pulling any and every look off!

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