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      I accepted a long time ago that sometimes beauty is pain. This sacrifice for style mantra became a personal motto in my mind. Those gorgeous heels often come with pinched toes, but damn your outfit is killing the game, and don’t let them tell you any different. Sitting for hours in a hair salon isn’t always the most comfortable, but now you have hair like a goddess to match your beautiful personality. The beauty is pain mantra also followed me into my makeup regimen. I assumed if you wanted a matte makeup look, having gorgeous, but uncomfortably dry lips was a part of the makeup look process. I was wrong.

Kleancolor Matte Lipstick | Makeup Review

    I have found an exceedingly, cheap and pigmented matte lip crayon from Shop Miss A that I’m currently buying more of in the other tab. I have so much love for this lip crayon partially because of how comfortable it is on the lips. Most matte products overtake the lips and practically suck them dry like a dehydrated vampire in the desert, but these go on smoothly and settle on the lips in an airy, light formula. The texture of this lipstick is so soft, it’s the kind of lip product I could see myself throwing on every day.

Matte Makeup Review | Makeup Swatches | Kleancolor Makeup Review

What I Love About the Matte Lipstick
      The texture of the lip product is soft and smooth.
 The lipstick is fairly pigmented considering the price.
  The lip crayon is comes in a wide range of colors.
      The lipstick is matte but not drying.

What I Don’t Love About the Matte Lipstick
There's a slight grape smell but it's nothing that bothers me.

Cocoa Swatches | Makeup Review | Matte Lipstick

      I decided to share a quick lip swatch, as I know that you can get an idea of how a lip color can look on your wrist but there's nothing like seeing a test on the actual lips! By the way, I have a Lip Swatch E-Book coming very soon featuring lipcare tips and reviews of some of my favorite and most inexpensive lip products! You know I'm nosey, let me know in the comment section what your makeup faves are this month.

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