Lip Paint Battle: Jcat Beauty vs. La Girl Cosmetics

Lip Product Review | LA Girl Makeup Review | Jcat Beauty Review

       I have a love hate relationship with lip paint products. Sometimes I feel like lip paints are the perfect addition to add some more color and shine to my makeup look. Having a glossy lip always looks so good when you're working a dewy look that's all about looking refreshed and hydrated. Although lip paints are a nice change from the matte finishes we all know and love, it comes with its problems as well. There are other times where I feel like a lip paint is too runny and I'm constantly licking my teeth to make sure it hasn't smudged which is a massive con of mine. Having lip products on my teeth is damn near a phobia of mine, it just does something to me, *shudders*.

Lip Product Review | LA Girl Makeup Review | Jcat Beauty Review

 What I Look For in a Lip Paint

    I look for a lip paint that's going to be hella pigmented, goes on smoothly, has a slight thick texture, a little tackiness simply so it can hug my lips instead of  hugging my teeth. I want a lip paint that's going to have a bit of lasting power even though I know due to the texture of the lip paint(very smooth, fairly thin) that making the lip paint last will probably always be out of my grasp. I also prefer a lip paint that doesn't leave my lips dry afterwards and if it leaves a pretty stain behind that's even better.

Lip Product Review | LA Girl Makeup Review | Jcat Beauty Review

The Competitors 

   Considering what I'm looking for in a lip paint,I decided to start comparing a few brands to see whether or not they rise to my expectations and needs. There's nothing wrong with having expectations in a product, you work hard for your money get the most bang for your buck. Speaking of bang for your buck, both of these products are under 5 dollars! Allow me to introduce the opponents to the stage, LA Girl Lip Glaze and JCat Wonder Lip Paint. I've reviewed products from both of these brands and they are both on my love list.

The Battle 

Lip Product Review | LA Girl Makeup Review | Jcat Beauty Review

    The battle will take place on none other than my lips! The top lip is displaying the LA Girl Lip Glaze in Daring and my bottom lip is home to JCat Wonder Lip Paint Spoke Fancy.

LA Girl Lip Glaze Pros: 
  • The texture is very smooth, there's a slight thickness to the formula.
  • The initial application is quite opaque considering it's supposed to be primarily a gloss, if it were anymore opaque it would certainly be in the lip lacquer fam.
  • There's a light peppermint smell that I like, but if you're not a fan then you've been warned boo.
  • The formula is moisturzing and lightweight.
LA Girl Lip Glaze Cons:
  • Honestly I can't think of any cons for this product besides the applicator. The top of the product has a contoured tip for your lip like a squeeze bottle of lip gloss would have, which isn't ideal for a product with this much slip. You want to apply this with a doe foot applicator or a lip brush because using the applicator on the tube would get messy, very quickly. With lip paints you will want to use a lip brush for a precise application, I use the ELF brand one because of the cheap price.
JCat Wonder Lip Paint Pros:
  • The texture of the formula is very silky and smooth.
  • The color is very pigmented.
  • The color range for this product is outrageously large, from rosy tones to yellow, blue and green.
  • The formula has a peppermint smell (I guess there's a peppermint oil trend in lip paints).
JCat Wonder Lip Paint Cons
  • The lip paint is pretty opaque but it takes a little work to get a strong full impact with the color.
  • This lip paint is a bit runny hence why the application was easy but it also has teeth smudging capabilities *shrieks*.
  If you're looking for long wear then I'd go for LA Girl, if you're interested in the variation of color and really enjoy the idea of a lot of slip in your product I'd go for JCat Beauty.The winner for me is... LA Girl Cosmetics but the real winner is...
YOU because both of these products are 5 dollars and under. 
  You guys know I'm nosey, do you have any beauty battles going on? Let me know in the comment section below.