Spring Trends: Off the Shoulder Looks

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Spring is here, lets embrace the warm weather and unleash that inner goddess. The inner spring time goddess is all about heat, feeling comfortable in baring a little skin and experimenting with elements of femininity.Your inner spring time goddess can take many different forms and a few off the shoulder tops, looky glowy and playing up my complexion with bright tones is how I release mine.

     Off the shoulder tops have been giving life for ages. There's something so sexy about casually baring the delicate skin of the shoulder. I plan adding at least a few of these tops to my wardrobe. While looking at these tops I started considering what accessories I could add that would really make this liook pop!

The Off Shoulder Top and Illuminator Combo

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   I would suggest some kind of illuminator that has a silky formula that you can rub across your collarbone or shoulder. A warm, golden or rose gold toned highlighter would be great for an off the shoulder look to get that "glow from within" appeal to your skin. The NYX liquid illuminator might be a good start considering how much product you get and the price, the illuminator is 7.50 at Drugstore.com 

Gold Collars to Make Your Skin Glow

     In addition to the gold illuminator, adorning your bare shoulders with some shimmer is only the beginning of your transition to becoming a spring time goddess. Adding a gold collar that sits high on the neckline is a nice accessory to add to your look. Complementing the more delicate details in our spring oriented looks will be the key to building an overall powerful look.You guys know I'm nosy, so let me know in the comment section what you plan on making a staple in your spring time looks.