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    Blue lipstick sounds like the perfect nude lip color for a Smurf. Unfortunately this is a beauty blog that doesn't cater solely to Smurfs so I decided to review a few of these bold shades, for those who love a striking makeup look. A stand out shade like blue can be that refreshing shade to revamp your creativity when it comes to makeup.

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    Often we get told bright colors are a no because makeup is meant to give the allusion of perfection and yet look natural at the same time...this is bullshit. Natural beauty and imperfection go hand in hand with each other, that's what makes it natural because it is our nature to be flawed. Perfection is different in everyone's eyes but it's often a manufactured image that is sold to the masses(us) for a profit. 

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So if I'm going to do my makeup, I'm going to do it how I want to do it. Somedays my makeup will look more "natural" other days I might want to get bold with a silver eye look and ombre blue lip! At the end of the day it's my money, my face and my decision and I'm going to enjoy it while I can. Long live bold lips, which brings me to my tips on bold makeup looks.
  1. Shake off the fear of wearing a bold lip color. Other people's opinions don't pay your bills and you can't control their perceptions so let it go. Take the plunge sis, it might be worth it when you get to experiment with shades like this.
  2. Find the right lip liner that will help transition the bold color more smoothly. I like using black or dark brown lipliners when I wear ColourPop's So Wavy so the contrast isn't as stark.
  3. Have fun with makeup! Playing in makeup shouldn't be stressful. Feel free to experiment with your makeup and come up with something that feels right to you, your method could be the next big thing.

Have you done any bold makeup looks lately? You know I'm nosy, let me know in the comment section below!

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