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      I'm a massive Colourpop fan. I live for their Instagram feed and soak up their snapchat stories like a thirsty man drinks water in the desert. I love their fun, California vibes branding and the social media strategies they use to market their products. In addition the brand of Colourpop they also feature different skin types when they swatch their products. Now that I'm done discussing the cosmetics as a brand, allow me to explain why I love the quality of their products.

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  Typically, Colourpop's cosmetics are always highly pigmented, the lippie sticks have an addicting sweet smell and they're affordable with a 10 dollars and under budget. They aren't skimpy with how much product you receive either. In addition to Colourpop's packaging. the design is top notch and refreshing in a world of sleek, all black product packaging. Now that I'm done fangirling about Colourpop allow me to share my most recent haul.

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I decided to invest in some flesh-toned shades this time around. I noticed that I avoid nude shades often in my makeup collection because I'm constantly afraid of that stark contrast between my brown skin and soft shades of pink, but considering how much I've invested in lip liners I'm prepared to take on my fear.

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I purchased an ultra matte liquid lipstick and a satin liquid lipstick because I wanted to compare the two. 

The Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in Tansy

The ultra satin liquid lipstick has a thick formula that goes on smooth and semi-creamy. The liquid lipstick has a light and airy presence on the lips and it's very pigmented.

The Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Kae 

The ultra matte liquid lipstick has a much more wet formula, it's a bit thin but the application is very opaque. It took one swipe of the liquid lipstick to get full coverage over my lips and it is buildable. As with most matte liquid lipsticks when it dries, the consistency is a bit drying and a tiny bit sticky on the lips but otherwise it was fairly comfortable.
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The lipsticks I bought are Rayezor and Contempo. Both of the lipsticks have a comfortable feel on the lips and this sweet, buttery smell that I'm a huge fan of. The lipsticks are creamy and opaque. I can't wait to try a lot of ombre lip looks with these products because each of them have so much potential for blending. You guys know I'm nosey,have you tried ColourPop or do you have a makeup brand crush? Let me know in the comment section!

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