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Hello beautiful people and welcome to my ColourPop Haul Part 2! I decided to indulge in a few spring colors from ColourPop featuring their ultra satin lips and ultra matte lips. I was thinking puppy love in spring when I shopped for this haul. 

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     The shades have sweet undertones like soft brown, cool toned purples and warm-toned pinks. 
 My favorite out of my purchases is of course So Wavy. This blue-toned purple is such a refreshing color for my lip color collection. I always lose my mind over  bright and bold colors and So Wavy is exceptionally bold. The color looks blue on the website but on the lips it shows off more of the purple.Depending on the liner this could easily be a deep purple shade or vamped up to play up the blue undertones with a more subtle brown liner.
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The consistency of each of these colors is slightly different than my prior purchase. Each of the liquid lippies goes on opaque and highly pigmented. The consistency of the formula isn't thick, it goes on smooth and it doesn't take much for a full coat of this liquid lipstick. The doe foot applicator is a bit small but the size is good for precise application considering the amount of slip this product has.
The ultra matte lipsticks dry fairly quickly and aren't going anywhere the second they turn matte, scrubbing this off of my arm was a struggle.

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In addition to purchasing the liquid lipsticks I decided to try out the eyeshadow from Karreuche's KaePop collection.  I'm OBSESSED with this eggplant color and I want to wear it on my eyes every single day !! There's something edgy and punk-esque about this color that makes me want to go back to my grunge roots(yep I have those).

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This is a swatch where I barely grazed the eyeshadow. I'm very impressed with the pigmentation of such an affordable eyeshadow. Can you imagine using this in combination with a little gold in the tear ducts and maybe some dark brown as the cut crease shade? *Faints* I would love to do an edgy, romantic look with this eyeshadow and I might actually work up the nerve to act on that.

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Did you guys see that ColourPop had a flash sale with 20 percent off?! You guys know I had to check out the sale. ColourPop had a queue set up simply to get on the website to keep it from crashing, it was like all hell had broken loose. You guys know I'm nosy what's a makeup brand you'd wait in line for?

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