ColourPop Highlighter Haul and Review

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       So, my obsession for glitzy, golden and impeccably warm hues came raining down on my head a few weeks ago( that and ColourPop was having another sale). I was having mad fever dreams about swimming and gold and buying highlighters that were gorgeous but out of my price range.  I still don't know where this obsession came from, perhaps it was the weather, perhaps it's the melanin, perhaps it's the girls I follow on Instagram? I don't know what it was that drove me to needing these highlighters but it's too late to go back now... not that I would change anything anyway.

ColourPop | Highlighters | Makeup | Makeup Review | Cocoa Swatches | Flatlay | Beauty Blogger

      ColourPop highlighters have this way of applying like a soft powder and blending in smooth and softly. I love the soft texture of these highlighters and they apply easily. I like to take a fan brush to blend it in when working on the apples of my cheeks and the side angle of my face. Besides their texture and easy application, the pigmentation is on point! When I created my swatches I barely grazed the product but ended up having a lot of pigmentation and product picked up. Unfortunately the natural light from my window began dying down when I took the pictures below. I don't feel the swatches portray the level of shimmer in the product accurately enough, but I think you guys get the idea.
ColourPop | Highlighters | Makeup | Makeup Review | Cocoa Swatches | Beauty Blogger | Beauty Reviews | Melanin Blogger | Shimmer Highlighters

My absolute favorite out of these highlighters is Avalon. Avalon has this copper tone to the swatch that's incredibly warm on my skin. The highlighter that boggles my mind is Sticky Sweet. I was prepared for this highlighter color to be a bit more sheer but the color is strong in this one. I'm assuming this highlighter can double as a blush and highlighter combo (also a really pretty eyeshadow). Big love to ColourPop for these highlighters I can't wait to dive in and apply these to my makeup routine.

ColourPop | Highlighters | Makeup | Makeup Review | Cocoa Swatches

Have you done any hauling lately?You know I'm nosy, let me know in the comment section below.