Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Palette

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       I decided to indulge in my love for interesting makeup packaging and bought the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Palette from BH cosmetics.  Did I need a new palette? No. But this palette was a combination of my favorite things, how I could not indulge? It has zombies, it has makeup, it's based on a dope movie that features a bad-ass spin on the classic novel Pride and Prejudice, what's not to love?

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     Besides  the packaging, the makeup itself features an interesting combination of  shades. The palette comes with 2 blushes and what appears to be a highlight, also an array of eyeshadows. The eyeshadows have a decent range of matte neutral shades and some shimmer shades. For every matte shade there's a shimmery counterpart. All I can think of is "ooooh crease colors, crease colors!". I think this palette could be used for some day and night eye looks and the highlight and blush shades are definitely day approved.

         I'm interested in working with the middle blush tone because although in the pictures it looks like a rosy beige, it's actually a touch more peach. I think this matte blush could be manipulated with the right highlighter to work on deep skin tones, but I will say I'm not used to using a shade this light.

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I'm pleasantly surprised by the versatility of this palette. Considering the packaging and the theme of the palette I was thinking of more edgy colors like some dark rust shades, burnt coppers and deep toned blushes but it's a lot more versatile and applicable to day to day than that. Has a palette ever surprised you? You guys know I'm nosey, let me know in the comment section about any palettes that have caught your eye or surprised you.