When I was younger I was afraid to wear bright colors especially during the spring and summer. I felt that bright tones would bring attention to my dark skin. I would cringe at the idea of bringing attention to my skin tone and avoided the sun for fear of getting darker. Dark skin was a negative in my eyes, even though I was taught by my parents and my family that all skin tones are lovely. Although my parents would teach me to embrace my natural beauty and to see my shade as beautiful, it was hard to maintain these lessons when my classmates and the media didn't share the same line of thought.

     Unfortunately shaming dark skin is a commonality in many cultures where colorism exists and I fell prey to it. My wake up call happened while looking at my mother. My mom has a dark mocha skin tone, it's rich and gorgeous. She's not afraid to wear bright colors and the more I looked up to her, the more I stopped disliking my own dark skin. How could I admire my mother's beauty and yet hate my own? This was one question of many I asked myself as my perception of beauty began to change.

    As I got older it hit me, would it be so bad to bring attention to how dark I am? Is allowing my dark skin to take center stage really the worse thing that could happen? Now that I'm older I've learned to not only embrace myself for the dark skinned young woman I am, I've also learned to celebrate it. In this celebration, I decided that brighter colors were not my enemies but my allies. I say all this to encourage my fellow dark skinned girls and women to embrace their beauty, slip on some sunscreen( no matter how dark you are skin cancer is a possibility for us all) and grab the brightest sun dress you can find this summer!

       I want to encourage all of us to celebrate the skin we're in and to ignore those who don't see our beauty, that's their loss anyway. I compiled a quick list of melanin popping dresses below. The bright tones of these dresses are strong enough to be the perfect foundation to let our skin take center stage and glow. You guys know I'm nosy, let me know in the comment section what's one insecurity that was or is holding you back, style wise?

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