Glowy Makeup Must Haves Number 1

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     This summer has been all about glowing and appearing kissed by the ever so affectionate sun. We want to look bathed in gold or drenched in diamonds. We're goddesses for goodness sake, why would we look like anything else but treasure.
      Don't get me wrong, there are some equally fabulous matte makeup loving sisters out there but right now dewy looks (or at least heavily highlighted) are having a moment. In our quest for the perfect glow approved look we came upon a list of our favorite peach to orange toned blushes which glow on tan to deep skin. If you're looking for a few warm toned blushes, I have a review on some super affordable shades from the drugstore.  If you're looking for a wider range of orange tones, may I suggest the City Color Orange quad, the swatches are below.

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     Believe it or not when I was younger orange blush scared me, in fact all blushes scared me. I was terrified of looking like a clown. I would just barely tap on a creamy blush and then immediately dab a little more powder foundation on to hide the pigmentation(WHAT A WASTE OF TIME). I finally got over my fear and applied my blush in more than a sheer application and you know what happened! It made my skin appear warm and healthy, in fact, my skin was popping!
    So I want to encourage all of my mocha, deep cocoa sisters to stop being intimidated and experiment with makeup my loves. Your deep skin tone is just as worthy as anyone else's to be slayed, so have fun queen! With that being said, feast your eyes on the glow approved blushes below.

     You guys know I'm nosy, let me know in the comment section below your thoughts on peach/orange blush.