Glowing this summer is for more than just lightning bugs. Makeup enthusiasts, artists and beginners alike are all experimenting with different techniques to achieve a flawless glow. Some of us are going for that subtle healthy glow from within, some of us are trying to glow like Super Saiyans which are equally ok in my book. Personally, I prefer to glow like Bruce Leroy from the film The Last Dragon, Leroy knew how to slay. You can see how I plan to glow like the Last Dragon here.

    Each of these tutorials use a fair range of high end and drugstore makeup so if your makeup collection doesn't mirror the tutorials feel free to get inspired and get creative with what you have.

Nyaj Khan's Channel

Keisha Eke's Channel

Toni Olaoye's Channel

Sonjdradeluxe's Channel

JeNeeva Love's Channel

Jackie Aina's Channel

Simply T's Channel

Makeup by Petite Sue's Channel

Karelle Muco's Channel

Heart Ug's Channel

Rose Kimberly's Channel

Beebz Channel

Destiny Godley's Channel

Leazz Way's Channel

Avielle Amor's Channel

NaturallyMsToya's Channel

   I hope you gorgeous melanin kissed queens find a tutorial that suits you! Don't be afraid of the sun and warmth this summer, just slip on a sunscreen and get to glowing loves. Let me know in the comment section what are your plans for the summer? By the way I have a little list of drugstore highlighters and eyeshadows that can double as illuminators,  if this post inspired you to go take a dip in a pool of gold and glitter.

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