Chunky, powerful statement making, outfit slaying jewelry has been around since the beginning of time. I'm pretty sure there's an Egyptian hieroglyphic somewhere with a queen(or someone who looks like a queen) sporting a pair of doorknocker earrings. Although door knocker earring have been around for a while, they came back in style specifically in the black and latinx community during the 80s. These earrings were a symbol of being "that chick", that chick who shakes the room with her presence. "That chick", whose vibe is both intimidating, yet contagious and addicting. You know who "that chick" is. If you're looking at this post trying to find some new jewelry for your collection you probably are "that chick", which is awesome because this blog was made for you!
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1928 Earrings from Kohl's

      Door knocker earrings emerged with the 80s typically worn by fly girls who weren't afraid to be bold. These chunky earrings were worn with virtually anything, neutral in tone and color but they were full of life as far as structure and shape.These earrings instantly added a pop of personality to any look.

In order from left to right the earrings are linked below unfortunately, many of these earrings are sold out(go figure) but I have a lot of earrings which are listed and are similar below.
1. T. Tahari
2. Guess Logo Earrings 
3. Anne Klein Twisted Hoop Earrings 
4. Alfani Pave`d Polish Earrings 
5. Metropark USA Door Knocker Earrings
6. Carolee "Manhattan Meledy" Teardrop Door Knocker Earrings 
7. Monet Topaz Earrings 

   Notable women like Hip Hop legends Salt n Pepa and Queen Latifah were known to flaunt these earrings regally and with power. Actress Dawnn Lewis who is known for her role as Jaleesa Vinson-Taylor(who was also known for her style), rocked these earrings with such fun energy, I would love to recreate some of these looks for the spring!

  Do you think you'll be giving the door knocker trend a try this spring?

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