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        I know wearing sun dresses can be a little apprehensive for some of us during this season.Sun dresses have a lot of responsibility in the summer, it's the line between sitting in the breeze or sweltering in some jeans. You're afraid of things clinging in the wrong places, terrified of any possible sweat spots *screams in the distance* and making sure the dress is genuinely comfortable. We're looking for a heat wave proof uniform that makes us feel good at the same time and frankly I don't think that's asking for too much. In our search for the perfect sun dress, we still manage to come upon more challenges.

    It's unfortunate everyone's respectability politics comes out of hiding during the summer. You know "that dress is a bit too short", "where do you think you're going in those shorts", "who are you trying to impress?", when all you're trying to do is not catch heat stroke! It doesn't make sense all of the millions of different factors we consider when shopping for a wardrobe fit for the heat.
Flatlay | Sun Dress | Style | Fashion | Fashion Blogger | She Has the Eye | Babydoll Dress

     When I was younger I had a specific hatred for shorts and sun dresses. I was hyper aware of my body at the tender age of 9 and acted as such. I hated for anyone to see my legs or make any comments so I used to cook my thighs and calves in thick jeans during the summer to protect myself.

    Looking back I realize just how sad it is that young girls struggle in this manner with their bodies at such a young age. I was still playing with Bratz dolls while hating the size of my thighs at the same time, because I knew I didn't look like the girls did on TV. The summer only brought up those insecurities more because now skirts and dresses weren't only being promoted but seemed the most functional, but those damn insecurities just crept back up.
     How long was I going to suffer through summer after summer hiding from possible criticism? It wasn't until I got older that I realized there is NO HIDING. I can remember hearing people complain about those who were considered "over dressed" and "under dressed", growing up so the fact of the matter is you can't please everybody and it's not your job to do so.

     Ultimately, I made the decision to dress to my personal style and to be comfortable. Everyone has an opinion, but that opinion does not make me nor break me. Someone else's opinion is just that, someone else's!You have the right to exist comfortably and slay casually, the way you know how.

With that being said, exercise your freedom to shop and browse the best of the sun dresses below. These sun dress choices were inspired by a love of strong tribal prints and eclectic color combinations (while also mixing in some mermaid realness).

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Pussycat London Sun Dress from ASOS $23

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Bisou Bisou Long Sleeve Maxi Dress at JCPenny 42.99 

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BooHoo Jessica Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress $44

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Lucy Love Barefoot Maxi Dress from 6pm $35.99

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Shoptiques Cecico Neon Dress $25 

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Minkpink Sundancer Tunic from Shoptiques $38

You guys know I'm nosy, let me know in the comment section below how you plan on doing you and keeping cool this summer?

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