I took a lil blogging vacay during August, (it's my birthday month and yes I said, month). I had no idea the month would fly by like it has but I'm happy to be back! I can't wait to share all of my latest obsessions with you all, especially since its Fall.

     It's officially the month of falling leaves, plum and vampy lipstick shades, deep smoky eyes, chunky sweaters, ankle booties and beating your face everyday because humidity be damned! Yes, I'm a Fall stan. I decided to compose a nice little affordable makeup wish list because as much as I love lip gloss, my love for matte has come back. Yes, matte lipstick and I go way back, we broke it off after I realized our relationship was drying up(bad pun, I know and I don't care). I ran to the moisturized arms of lip butters and glosses, but Lord knows matte will always have my heart.

     The first on my matte lipstick wish list has to be the Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Lacquer


This year I decided to try out some new Fall colors outside of my favorite plum to black shades. I decided to try out a deep red this year, experiment with a little grey silver shade like Insecure. I know I can make the shade Insecure work with a black lip liner and that mauvey lip shade Mirage, just looks like a great nude for a more natural look. These lip colors are each very comfortable on the lips and extremely affordable. I have the shade Queen in this collection, you can see that review here.

Now as much as I love matte, I still reserve the right to experiment with other finishes, right? I decided to hop on the metallic lip color bandwagon and found some incredibly cheap dupes in the process. We all are aware of the ColourPop mania that happened earlier during the Summer when they debuted the constantly sold out metallic lip shades.

      I was doing a little browsing on iKateHouse and found these metallic liquid eyeshadow shades from Absolute Makeup which are 2.99 a piece. At first I thought that the texture of the shadows would make for a really good hold on the lid, but it was the application process that troubled me. The formula is kind of thick so if I were to apply the shades to my lid it would take a little work. Suddenly, it hit me, why don't I just wear the shadows as a lip color? I bought about two of the shadows and found that it comes with a doe foot applicator like a liquid lipstick would, it was just much smaller than your average sized tube.

      Applying the fluid eyeshadow was just like applying a liquid lip color. The formula was a little drying but nothing that actually harmed my lips. I was amazed at the hold and the fact that it indeed did not budge. The finish is indeed a matte metallic with some glitter but not an alarming amount. I was so amazed at the quality and duality of this product. The colors themselves are pretty opaque but make sure you allow your lips to dry before applying another layer because sometimes you can rub the color off in an attempt to add more. I didn't really have this issue because my first layer was pretty opaque and pigmented but if you're heavy handed with your product then you might, just a forewarning.

   I'm obsessed with using these shadows as lip colors and are currently ordering more lol.

So far this concludes my fall lipstick wishlist.What are you looking forward to this fall?

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