Destiny Owusu modeling the Lip Bar Lipstick

        The Lip Bar is a black owned makeup brand that has been making its rounds. The brand originated in Detroit, MI by the founder and owner Melissa Butler. Many WOC were familiar with the Lip Bar but it was after a grueling experience on ABC's Sharktank that forced the brand fully into the limelight. Even though the brand was faced with a lot of negative criticism, the brand has gone up in sales. Last year the company made 260,000 dollars in revenue and it has extended its reach to Target!

       We love seeing this brand designed with us in mind win and we also love it's healthy ingredients. A brand that's invested in not only the slaying of makeup but also in the upkeep of our healthy by using natural ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil, certainly deserves a spot in your makeup collection. If the ingredients and they're dedication to representing WOC in their makeup range then the unique packaging should be able to draw you in alone.
    In addition to the creative product design, their website even has a page called "Lip Shots" where you're given a wide range of colors to try on a digital face, the face comes in different colors to so you can get an idea of whether the color will be flattering on you or not. The "Lip Shots" idea is incredibly powerful and informative, it gives the customer a more secure feeling before buying.

      After taking a look at the collection we found soooo many Fall friendly shades from a nice cool toned neutral, some vampire inspired shades for the daredevil in us all and of course a few metallic shades because shining bright is simply what we do.
Cocoa Cooler 10.90 at Target 

Night Owl 10.90 at Target 

Merlot 10.90 at Target 

Everything 10.90  at Target 

Milf at 10.90 Target 

Conceited 10.90 at Target

        We're obsessed with these luxury lipsticks, their company's inspiring story and the incredible ideas that keep growing along with their product reach. So the question here we set up a haul now, or later lol?

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