Top Three Highlighters You Probably Don't Own( But Should)


      Once upon a time I thought the only highlighters I should allow to adorn my cheek bones were various shades of gold and deep bronze. I assumed any and everything else would probably just look ashy on me. I would covet the champagne and pearlescent highlighter shades in silence knowing that they ultimately were not meant for my deep complexion, at least that's what I thought. I took to YouTube and Instagram checking tags like Cocoa Swatches and Melanin Makeup and Melanin Beauties Unite and was suddenly filled with such sweet encouragement,

   There were many shades of brown, deep cocoa and mohangany young women like myself that wore the exact same shades I deemed impossible.

      The second I opened the door to trying new shades and formulas of highlight, I was more than ready to try new shades even the not so typical ones, The highlighter shades that I feel get overlooked for lack of normalcy include, the dual highlighter, rainbow highlighter and the holographic highlighter.

A Tale of Two Colors

    Duochrome highlighters are highlighters that shift in color based on the lighting you set the shade under. Just when you think you're slaying with your rose gold highlight, your head turns to reveal a pearlescent hue.I found an Etsy shop that sells duochrome highlighters below and I've been desperate not to go dipping into my savings.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Guys, the rainbow highlighter has been something I've had on my mind for quite sometime. I was weary of the idea of having such multi colored shine as a highlighter, it almost seemed like too much but then again... there is no such thing as too much highlighter.

Addictive Cosmetics Opalescent Rainbow Highlighter- Mineral Highlighter Pan 18.99 Compact 23.99

 OPALESCENT Rainbow Highlighter- Mineral Highlighter- All Natural, Vegan Friendly Cosmetics  Ask a question $18.99

All Hail The Holographic       

   The holographic highlighter by Milk made many waves when it finally debuted, This highlighter was not playing games It has a fusion of lavender, pink and iridescent shades that leaves a cool glow like no other.

   Milk's Holographic Highlighter Stick 28.00

These highlighters are strong in glow and that's what makes them such a powerful statement in a makeup look. Power to the highlight that illuminates cheekbones, power to the highlight that adds striking glow to even the smallest of features and power to you, my highlight queen. Leave a comment below about your most favorite glow worthy moments or a highlighter you've been needing.