I predicted a long time ago that lip gloss would reign supreme for the spring and summer. If you're like me and have become semi obsessed with glossy lips but also look forward to rekindling your love for vampy colors in the fall and winter, this lip gloss set from lipstick queen was made for you! I was browing Pinterest when I fell for the Galactic Gorgeous Big Bang Lip Gloss Set from Lipstick Queen. The shades are all sheer, glossy berry tones that remind me of candy. 

I plan on purchasing this set very soon, as I became inspired by each shade. Each of these shades inspired me to create a few fashion moodboards, that would coordinate to the makeup look I've created in my head (I'm not the only one who mentally visualizes looks that would go with their makeup, am I?)

Vintage Vampire

       This look in particular is inspired by late 60s early 70s it girl. The sheerness of the BooHoo top and the revealing neckline is very edgy and sexy but the fit and print on the pants is giving me vintage vibes. I could see the bad girl on your favorite old school TV show( think Good Times of Three's Company) wearing this look and pairing it with a dark berry lip and strong brows

Night Looks

Night Looks by deejaystyles featuring heeled sandals

Model Off Duty Steeze

This look is giving me model off duty vibes. Picture walking down the street on a semi-brisk day with the intention of executing the casual slay. We have a pretty simple look that's being made bold by that crushed velvet BooHoo bad and those star ankle boots. We're adding this sheer pink lippie to add to the playful energy this look is giving off.


Your Eccentric Mod Girl

    This look is all about feminine vibes. We have a lot of flirty elements from the jewelry to the fit and shape of the skirt and the accessories. We decided to go with a slightly softer lip color for this monochromatic girly look.
Holographic Waves

Holographic Waves by deejaystyles featuring teardrop earrings

Rebel in Red

   Why don't we match our lip color to our outfits more often? This look is all about bold, motorcycle girl attitude. Daring, bold and flirty this look can easily be worn casually or with the right makeup look it's definitely party worthy.


Red by deejaystyles featuring ankle bootie boots

These lippies are an awesome addition to anyone's makeup collection especially if you have a love for more vampy colors but really appreciate gloss at the same time. The versatility in this set pretty much has me sold, what do you think? Are the Lipstick Queen lipglosses worth a purchase or do you think you can find the colors elsewhere? All of the products pictured above are linked below in the widget by the way.

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