This is a fashion and beauty website dedicated to women of color written by a woman of color who lives in the United States. Right now our country is in short- a mess and although this is not a blog dedicated to politics, ignoring the state of our surroundings is something we do not do on this blog.
     Right now we encourage every reader of this blog who is currently or has been anxiety ridden, filled with dread or has been put in a state of disbelief to practice self care. Practicing self care is essential for our physical and mental state. Continue to breathe in and out, focus on your self, the present, what's right in front of you and continue to move.

   If you need a minute, a day, a week or more take it for your personal benefit. Meditate, pray and talk out what you're feeling because something I've personally witnessed is that women of color are often taught to stifle their weakness, swallow the pain and keep moving. You're allowed to feel weak right now, you don't have to constantly fight, no one expects you to turn on hero mode right now. Give yourself to be human, embrace what you're feeling and then let it go and comtinue to live. We will get through this and if you voted for Trump and are feeling triumphant and joyful THEN THIS POST IS NOT FOR YOU, REMOVE YOURSELF, EXIT OUT THIS PAGE, Sending you all comfort, love and calming vibes.

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