It's Sunday and it's time to get mentally prepared for the beginning of the week, whether that means meditiation, ranting or shopping(it's a form of therapy). Often we as black women don't formally invest in our self care because there's this stereotype that we're supernaturally strong  and things are supposed to roll off our backs due to our history and our consistent experiences of surviving adversity. Although it's true that black women have survived many challenges and still do, that doesn't mean we're inhuman and it's time we stopped acting like it.

     Don't let the perpetuated stereotypes force you into being hard and numb.There are people out there who will see your endurance and take advantage of it by overloading you and over working you, don't let them. We're still flesh and blood, we hurt, we cry and ache. I want to encourage every single black woman to take the time to reflect, release and relax. You can't take on the world while wounded.

     Self care can seem selfish to some, but we must change the way we define selfishness. Acting on self care affects you and the people around you whether you realize it or not. When you take the time to be compassionate to yourself you are honing a skill that you can share with those around you. When you are kind to yourself, it becomes easier to be patient and kind to others that being said, I see the softness behind your strength and it's just as beautiful as your determination. I love my sisters and I want you to love yourself to.

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