BH Cosmetics Wild Child Highlighter Review

     Lets clear the air here, I know I went MIA last year for a few months but I can explain. I took a break from blogging due to personal issues that come with age and trying to figure out my entire life in a manner of a few days( by the way, don't do that, don't even try that).  I think it's safe to say I had an existential life crisis and I'm still wading through the murky waters of it but we must go on.
      I have some exciting news though or at least exciting to me. The blog is about to get a little upgrade in the form of it's layout and content. I'm going to be purchasing a Macbook Pro, Final Cut Pro(which means adding some video content!) Photoshop so I can work on the blog's graphic design and a new camera for better quality photos! In short this blog is finally going to start looking like I have envisioned it. I'm going to start incorporating interviews again and more fashion posts because fashion was my first love way before I knew a highlighter. Speaking of highlighter, now that I'm done with the blog's announcements I'm going to review this highlighter palette I received in the BH Cosmetics sale storm of 2016.

This palette was extremely inexpensive during the sale and I received free shipping #win. The highlighters cost me about 11 dollars and considering how big the palette is I'd consider it a deal.

  • The highlighters are extremely pigmented and some of them depending on your skin tone can be worn as a blush.
  • I would use a light hand applying these and build up because it can be very easy to go over board with these. 
  • Due to the intense pigmentation I'd say these could double as eyeshadows as well.
  •  The highlighters remind me of BH Cosmetic's baked eyeshadows because they intensify when given a wet base. 
  • I would definitely encourage using some setting spray on your brush first, let it sit in a bit and then apply the highlighters if you want to blind your enemies with your face.
  • The highlighters blend fairly well, they're not necessarily butter soft but you can tell it's texture is very fine and goes on pretty smooth.
  • I don't believe there's a smell with these highlighters but I do know that BH Cosmetics products'  do sometimes have a slight color dye smell so I would take that into account.
   I have no complaints with this highlighter palette except a little more color differentiation would have been nice. Given the price and the quality this palette gets an A from me! Let me know in the comment section if you got in on any bomb sales last year?