Girls on Film is a Makeup Revolution palette with a mix of shimmers and mattes in primarily deep neutral tones from plum purples and gold to more shimmery champagnes and frosty pinks. The palette was on sale for about 8 dollars and it's medium sized. 

The shade range comes off a bit more night time friendly, but it can be manipulated for a more edgy day look. I especially love the purple mattes in this palette, the lavender matte shades actually show up on my dark skin which is a bit unheard of for me.

The shimmers in this palette weren't as heavily pigmented as I thought they would be. I was a bit disappointed to say the least because I have a lot of other palettes from Makeup Revolution and the shimmers are always pretty awesome. What also caught me off guard was the heavy pigmentation and consistency of the matte shades below.

(The lighting is a bit different because the sun came out from behind the clouds in this one.)

The matte shades are pretty pigmented, smooth in texture and lightweight. Usually the shimmers in a palette are executed a little better than the matters but surprisingly this situation was reversed.

Ultimately, the Girls on Film palette is great for someone who loves a good matte look but if you're all about a little shimmer and glitter like me, this palette will disappoint. The shimmers get a C but the mattes get an A. Perhaps this is a sign I need to experiment with more matte eye looks and stop sparkling like a disco ball in class?

When was the last time a product's quality actually surprised you and how, leave a comment below and spill it.

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