Shop Miss A's AOA Metallic Liquid Lipstick Collection

   Shop Miss A has debuted their own collection of beauty and skincare called AOA.  AOA has a lot of everything from matte liquid lipsticks, metallic liquid lipsticks, bath bombs, facial masks and much more. Believe it or not, I'm still high off the metallic liquid lipstick trend. I know everything is about a bomb glossy lip right now but I can't let the metallics go.

I purchased each of these metallic liquid lipsticks for 1 dollar each. Yes. ONE DOLLAR. Don't get me wrong, I was slightly hesitant considering every other metallic liquid lipstick I've eyeballed has always averaged about 5 to 6 dollars. It can't hurt to at least give the product a try, right, so I dived in and came up on some vampy and golden tones, because they spoke to me.

The liquid lipsticks have a standard doe foot applicator. The product itself has no real smell and the first thing I noticed was how opaque the dark shades are versus the lighter more orange/gold shade on the bottom. A little goes a long way for the dark shades and gave a good amount of coverage. The orange shade ,unfortunately, was a bit patchy upon application but it can be worked with. The orange liquid lipstick for some reason came with a broken doe foot applicator as well, this product is fairly new so that's something to take in consideration as well.

The colors are true to the color inside the tube which is a plus as we all know sometimes metallic  colors can be a little misleading from the tube. Ultimately, I'm pretty happy with my purchase considering how much product I get, the quality and the price. I'm giving this product a B+ it would of been an A if the orange shade was more opaque and if the applicator wasn't broken.

Have you tried any products from AOA? What do you think of Shop Miss A growing as a brand or do you think they should focus on what they already have?